Friday, February 8, 2013

"Hoppy" Valentines Day! Lady Bug Ink Style

Welcome to my blog. If hopping, you just came from Kay Jantz's blog.   If you're like me you usually don't start a project until nearly the last minute (because if you wait until the last minute it only takes a minute, right?  Yeeeeahh, ok, maybe not quite!)  So this time around I've started at least thinking about what my boys will be taking for their Valentines Day parties at school.  My kids have way too much candy as it is so I like to give "stuff" for the school parties as opposed to candy.  This year I found some small bubble wands and bubble solution at Michaels and discovered they will fit in the larger tag on the Two Tags Die from Stampin' UP!  I cut two little lines on the bottom folded edge of the tag to create a band that holds the bubbles perfectly.  The first tag is more of a "boy-ish" valentine; not too mushy.  You will also notice that I have made the valentine from two separate tags to hide the notched bubble holder portion. 

The second valentine is more of a feminine valentine.  Instead of bubbles, I've placed an amazing lip balm made by a wonderful company called, Lemongrass Spa.  It is a seasonal product only produced during the months just before Valentines Day.  It is called Chocolate Raspberry Lip Balm and is nearly all natural.  (I always stock up so that I have plenty to last me all year long.)   It is created from only one layer of paper.  In this valentine part of the lip balm shows through in the front.  I like how both Valentines turned out and think that the amount of procrastination will dictate if I make the "peek-a-boo" version or the 2-layer covered up version for my boys class valentine's. 
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